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Truth Serum Show – This show, hosted by Simplee Bree and No_1_UNO, offers responses from both a male and female perspective on selected lifestyle and relationship topics to promote healthy conversations that are typically swept under the rug resulting in the misunderstanding from both sides.
This show is one hour long and consists of the introduction with both hosts conversing about the show topic for 15 minutes before interviewing the two guests each show with a 15-minute conversation with both. This will be a live show which will air every Friday from 8-9 pm est on Blog Talk Radio under the “He Said What?!” Radio Show.

Past Episodes

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Introducing the show "Truth Serum" to Radio, you do not want to miss! With hosts Simplee Bree and Tasha, these ladies tackle questions that just might feel like a scab being torn off, to expose the truth for what it is with their male and female guests. The topics discussed as well as the energy delivered is sure to bring light and comfort to those who feel these needed talks resonate personally. 

The phrase so many hear but don't understand why..."Let's be Friends." A lot of the times, you take interest in someone and as the two of you spend time talking and getting to know one another, you figure out what you like and don't like. How do you reach the point when you realize this one might not be for you? Are you okay telling them or do you slowly allow them to fall into the friend zone on their own? Are you guilty of ghosting? 

Guests: Tony Freakin Rican & Alvin

 Let's talk about the many situations that are created out of the wrong decisions made. Let's talk about waiting until the people around us are dying before we stand up to make a change, starting with ourselves. 

When you first meet someone, it's like you want to place all the cards on the table and yell "this is what I got and if you can't handle it, then see ya!" That's how we feel sometimes but you know what? That's not always the best route to take, or is it? At what point is it okay or safe to disclose information about yourself that you wouldn't normally tell any average person, while you are pursuing a relationship with someone?  Is there ever such a period when what you say cannot be held against you?

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