Q. Name the #1 way to ruin a relationship?

A. Not communicating.

Let's Fix That.


Simplee Bree, an On-Air Personality and host for several shows, opens up her platforms to allow the healthy exchange of dialogue amongst men and women in a calm setting. With two main shows that could be found on "He Said What?!" Radio, Simplee Bree provides dynamic concepts for both shows.


With "He Said What?!" Radio show offers answers from different male guests in response to questions submitted by female listeners who seek honest and clear understanding from a man's perspective.


On "The Truth Serum", hosted by Simplee Bree and her co-host Tasha, this show offers responses from both a male and female perspective on a range of personal topics to promote healthy conversations that are typically swept under the rug resulting in the misunderstanding from both sides. No show is the same, and neither are the experiences.

 "It was a really great show. The host was very entertaining. She had great questions!"

— V, Listener, "He Said What?!" 6/23/20

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"How do you feel your responses assisted the female listeners


To be honest - I am a firm believer in telling the truth. Half of the women who listened tonight and feel some type of way, they're going to forget about it all by tomorrow.


I'm looking at some of the responses from my female friends who are stating that they hate everything that I said but they agree with it."

-JaeQwon, "He Said What?!" Guest 6/23/20

My advice to all of the female listeners would be to always be honest about how you feel and what you feel - and communication is key.

Omar, "The Truth Serum" Guest 6/30/20

I would definitely love to be a part of any future topics about relationships or mental health. The feedback that I will give to you is just to keep doing what you’re doing, I love everything about it I don’t have any complaints like I said I love the energy that y’all bring, I look forward to doing more collaboration with you in the future.

Ty Pratt, "The Truth Serum" Guest 7/1/20

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Latest "He Said What?!" Episode

June 30, 2020

Guest: Omar

Topic: "Should the husband and wife split the bills equally?"

Latest "Truth Serum" Episode

June 17, 2020

Guest: Jeremy Brown & Ty Pratt

Topic: "How much disclosure is too much when getting to know someone?"

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"He Said What?!" Radio Episode

July 7, 2020

Guest: Prince Wiser

Topic: "Why do men sleep with one type but wife'up the opposite type?"

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"The Truth Serum" Episode

July 8, 2020

Guest: Shaun Sinclair & Angela Rolle

Topic: "Dealing with Past Relationship Residue"

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"What About Us? Gen Z" Episode

July 10, 2020

Guest: Richard & Esperanza

Topic: "Current World Events: Prostests, Black Lives Matter, and finding the solution"

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