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Internet Radio Personality

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that have allowed me to grow and establish myself within this competitive industry. As an Internet Radio Personality, I hope you’ll enjoy viewing my projects as much as I enjoyed working on them. Creator of the "He Said What?! Radio Network," my intentions are to help bridge the communication between men and women together by providing my online platform to host healthy discussions on relationships, marriages, and the dating lifestyle. I have come to learn during this process that a lot of misunderstandings have been developed from one party not actively listening while the other is talking. When you have two people both trying to talk at the same time, no one is able to hear what the other person is saying. Another lesson has been responding out of emotions.

Motivational Speaker

Nobody is perfect but yet we all strive for it. Sometimes you just need to open your ears and close your eyees. You need that best friend who will shoot it to you straight with no chaser. Let me be your morning alarm clock and add some pep to those who need more than just a few positive steps along their journey.

Relationship Coach

Relationships have never been the easiest thing for people to succeed in. A lot of the time, it takes losing that special someone to realize that your life needs improvement. But like everyone else, no one knows where to begin, let alone acknowledge the potential cause of failure could be due to them. Let me help you identify the areas within yourself in order to determine what needs room to grow. A healthier relationship will need to begin with those involved first.


Cupid may be missing in the city of Atlanta but with my help, I can bring some love darts and arrows back into your life by introducing you to some of the city's finest eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are ready to get the show on the road. Attend my match-making events and see what the noise is all about, for yourself.

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