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“He Said What?!” Show – This show, hosted by Simplee Bree, offers answers from different male guests in response to questions submitted by female listeners who seek honest and clear understanding from a man’s perspective. The men prior to being reserved, have agreed to speak from their own experiences while providing insight in a transparent digital environment. The listeners are welcomed to call in and ask questions or provide feedback on whatever the topic might be at the time.
With a selected male guest each week, the show's run time is approximately 1 hour long and airs live every Tuesday from 8-9 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio under the “He Said What?!” Radio Show.

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There aren't too many people out there who really have all the answers. As a matter of fact, no one does. I may not be the brightest light bulb in the room but I have come to the conclusion that we need answers straight from the horse's mouth itself. 

How hard is it to really be honest when you're just looking for someone to lay with? Why must we go around in circles with you pretending to want the same thing? Sometimes the best way to get what you want is to be upfront and honest. But does this work all the time?

Guest: Kellen Marcus

For some men, talking about their past childhood can be like pulling teeth especially when talking to their children. Why might this be difficult to share? Is it because it equals them being vulnerable and transparent? Or is it because they feel someone might throw whatever is shared, back into their faces later on? Either reason, when you open up and talk about your upbringing, you allow that person to gain a better understanding of you. But the question is, do you want them to? 

Guest: Fred Nutter Jr.

Lots of times, we have been told that a woman with all of her ish together is attractive in the eyes of a man - but is it really? Can ambition and the desire for success be too much for a man to handle?

Guest: Ray Diamond

Have men really lost the desire to hunt and chase in relationships? Is there an issue when a woman decides to take the first step and seek instead of waiting to be sought? Does that take away from the actual pursuant or does that turn a man on?

Guest: Dash Diamonds

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you find yourself expecting them to provide for you or do things for you while the two of you are not married? Does marriage really make a difference in how you both function as a couple? 

Guest: Jimmy

Do you feel the husband is the sole provider in at marriage or should it be 50/50? Or does the woman take care of all the bills? Who says what? Do these views vary based on who the ’bread-winner’ is? Well, you asked for it and so shall we deliver! When you talk about money, tension can stew the pot so let's address the elephant in the room.  

Guest: Omar

Fellas, what age do men really begin to settle down? Is there really a time frame for this or are we just barking up the wrong tree?

Guest: JaeQwon 

Why is it that some of the good guys end up settling down with someone completely opposite of what we may think is suitable or even right for them? We see it time and time again - your attorney who decides to marry the local strip club dancer (nothing against them). Women want to know why it's easier for a man to sleep with her but not actually entertain a committed relationship? Check out this episode with our guest Prince Wiser and see what he thinks about it all.

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