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Sabrina T. Wallace, also known as "Simplee Bree," found her love in communication since a young teen growing up in 

Hartford, Connecticut, when she applied to writing contests online for publication. Her first official writing gig based in Hartford, CT, for a printed 

edition called "Committed Magazine" managed by DJ Drake, where she had the 

opportunity to interview artists like the Ying-Yang Twins, Baby Cham, and 

Nuttin' But Stringz," to name a few. This experience began in pursuit not only in 

writing but also in broadcasting. 


She joined "The Cyphers Den," as well as the 

"A++" writing team shortly after settling in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2015. Her desire to contribute back to the community also had a warm place in her heart, which drove her interest in actively volunteering. "I have discovered my passion for 

helping those who might need a listening ear or a sense of guidance to become 

stronger the more involved I am within the community."   She is also a co-host on the 

Girls Who Brunch Tour's State of Our Girls monthly panel discussion alongside 

Ni'Cola Mitchell. The guests like the Mako Girls, Tyla Abercrumbie, Kaliah 

Howard, and  Che Mack to name a few, shed light on identifying struggles young girls usually face while dealing with their dilemmas such as self-esteem, 

self-identity, and self-care. Bree also holds a seat on the non-profit organization's 

National Chair Committee.

As a minority African-American woman and CEO, Bree created her own online radio network titled "He Said What Radio Network," in May 2020. Her love didn't stop with writing or volunteering with the young ladies of the non-profit organization. She found the communication in a lot of relationships had been absent resulting in a lot of them deteriorating. Something had to be done and soon after COVID-19 struck, she had taken off with her first show, "He Said What?!" This was the opportunity men had been waiting for where she provided a platform dedicated to them. Men are able to come onto the show and have a one-on-one conversation with Simplee Bree as they discuss topics women always were interested in hearing from a male's perspective on. The show was a success and soon following, Bree created the sister show, "She Said What?!" hosted by Alan Newman Jr.