Welcome to the home of Atlanta Online Personality, Simplee Bree. If you were ever wondering how to get started in the podcasting industry, she is going to be the key person you would reach out to. With years of experience under her belt, conducting interviews effortlessly has been her calling and sharing the information is why she is here.  Her Online Podcasting platform, "He Said What Network" has proven to be a success with the feedback received beyond just its audience. If you are looking to get started with a platform of your own, contact Simplee Bree today. 

This website is dedicated to the many hats and talents she showcases online from her love for visual art, poetry, photography, podcasting, and traveling. 

"I'll Take Five"
The Podcast

Simplee Bree knows the importance of communication throughout the industry of Podcasting. As a result of all the knowledge she possessed, she decided to create a podcast for people who can think outside the box when it comes to your everyday situations and relationships. In addition, she realized that even she needed help along the way and wanted to share that knowledge with others pursuing the world of Podcasting. With the information being close to her heart, she wanted to be sure those who were truly interested connected with her on a deeper level. Bree is offering access to her full-length covering topics such as:

  • Platform Selection

  • Basics for Creating Your Own Flyer

  • Video Editing

  • Social Media Posting

  • Booking & Scheduling Your Guests

  • Locking Down Your Testimonials

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