Q. Name the #1 way to ruin any type of relationship?

A. Not communicating.

Let's Fix That.

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Mission Statement

The goal of the "He Said What?!" Radio Network is to provide a platform that not only inspires its listeners to live life transparently but also adapts to the lifestyle through understanding and improvement of communication using various types of entertainment.

When on-air personality Simplee Bree first decided to make a difference in society, it was with the creation of her first show, "Dear Luv." Its purpose was to create a platform that would not only encourage people to be more transparent with their truths but not be afraid to share it with others. Living fearless, she launched the show in January 2020 and it was a success. ​But it wasn't enough. She wanted to not only help people find resources and solutions to their troubles, but also educate the mass on where things may have gone wrong, to begin with. Simplee Bree went back to the drawing board after taking "Dear Luv," off of the airwaves, and came back with an even better idea.


On May 16, 2020, she created the "He Said What?!" Radio Show. What made this stand out from any other is the unique approach in wanting to help both men and women by hosting a males only guest show. Men are given the opportunity to not only answer questions but transparently on topics many of them desire to breakdown from their own perspectives, in hopes of aiding women in their situations.

But Simplee Bree didn't just stop there. After only being live for approximately a month, she transferred her "Truth Serum," show which had only been accessible through Instagram live, onto her platform. On "The Truth Serum", hosted by Simplee Bree and her co-host Tasha, this show offers responses from both a male and female perspective on a range of personal topics to promote healthy conversations that are typically swept under the rug resulting in the misunderstanding from both sides. No show is the same, and neither are the experiences. 


She understood the movement she was creating, was larger than just one show; it was her network. The "He Said What?" Radio Network was born shortly after and it became "Home of Raw and Unfiltered Answers," with its listenership soaring through the roof. To date, the network has a total of three shows with the launch of its new sports talk launching September 7th, "Simplee Sportz," with hosts 1Mic, RG, and their co-host Simplee Bree. All sports shows are not made equal. What do you get when you two male sports fanatics and an intellectual female that does not watch sports in the same room with a microphone? An hour of laughter, education, and some real debatable conversations.

"He Said What?!" Radio Network has something for everyone and this is just the beginning of Raw and Unfiltered Answers.

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 "It was a really great show. The host was very entertaining. She had great questions!"

— V, Listener, "He Said What?!" 6/23/20

"How do you feel your responses assisted the female listeners


To be honest - I am a firm believer in telling the truth. Half of the women who listened tonight and feel some type of way, they're going to forget about it all by tomorrow.


I'm looking at some of the responses from my female friends who are stating that they hate everything that I said but they agree with it."

-JaeQwon, "He Said What?!" Guest 6/23/20

My advice to all of the female listeners would be to always be honest about how you feel and what you feel - and communication is key.

Omar, "The Truth Serum" Guest 6/30/20

I would definitely love to be a part of any future topics about relationships or mental health. The feedback that I will give to you is just to keep doing what you’re doing, I love everything about it I don’t have any complaints like I said I love the energy that y’all bring, I look forward to doing more collaboration with you in the future.

Ty Pratt, "The Truth Serum" Guest 7/1/20

My advice to all the female listeners would be:

Just be honest. If you’re only looking for a no strings attached relationship, then much doesn’t need to be divulged. Now if you’re seeking a real relationship you have to start with honesty.

Jeffrey Brown, "The Truth Serum" Guest 7/1/20

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